Past Work

Our team members have a diverse set of collective experiences including:
Educational Video Development for Online Courses
Museum Exhibit Development
Podcast Development for University Projects
Science and Education Expertise
Website Development
Software Tool Development and Prototyping
Graphic Assets for Educational Card Games
Project Consultation

Highlighted Work

Epic Human Podcast

Hoot Owl Media has partnered with the Epic Human Podcast to create a new season of content. We're excited to have assisted Joe Blair in converting his podcast to a video format for both YouTube and Spotify.

The Epic Human Podcast features risk-takers and world-changers from all walks of life and creates a space where they can discuss in open conversation their history, approaches and philosophies.
Learn more at

Science+C Promotion

Hoot Owl Media teamed up with the Education Development Center (EDC) to develop a promotional video for Science+C, a project offering Massachusetts high school science teachers an exciting opportunity to enhance their Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses with computer modeling and simulation.

With authentic, home-recorded testimonials from teachers and MA DESE administrators captured during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hoot Owl Media created the animated video below.
Learn more at

Modeling the Spread of a Virus Website and Demo Video

Hoot Owl Media collaborated with the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program's StarLogo Nova team to deliver 'Modeling the Spread of a Virus', a web page featuring an interactive online model to teach students about the spread of a virus through a biological system and how the simple actions of individuals can impact the health of a community.

Hoot Owl Media designed and built the website, produced the demonstration video below, and managed the collaborative project.
Check it out at

Clients & Collaborators

MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program LogoNew England Complex Systems Institute LogoREI Capital Growth Logo
MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program LogoNew England Complex Systems Institute LogoREI Capital Growth Logo
Education Development Center Logo
"Our project had a very positive experience working with Hoot Owl on three videos and I would definitely recommend them. They are creative, highly skilled, and strategic about planning and producing videos for our audience of educators and school administrators. I appreciated that Ilana and Garrett were very responsive to our feedback and easy to work with throughout the process. They were well-organized and turned things around quickly to meet our deadlines."
- Amy Brodesky
Project Director, Education Development Center
"We asked Hoot Owl Media to create a short tutorial video that would make it easy for international investors to visually understand the new and unique benefits of our offering. We gave Hoot Owl our concepts, which were very difficult and complex to describe in words. Hoot Owl was able to simply and clearly explain those concepts visually in just a few minutes. Working with Hoot Owl was a pleasure and I highly recommend them!"
- Alan Blair
Founder and CEO, REI Capital Growth

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